Friday, March 1, 2013

To Buy or Not To Buy...

Should I or Should I Not?
This Tucker dress has been tempting me for two days.

What to do, what to do.

It is listed at $149, but I love the way Tucker shirts feel and this dress is so perfect.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Go Nude Early

Go Nude Early

Now I'm not saying this from the girl who is perpetually single aside from the sporadic lackluster boyfriend but does anyone actually like Valentine's Day?  The pressure. The crowds. The tackiness.

So this random week in February that is an economic giant unto itself...keeping Hallmark alive in the first quarter.
Stay in, watch a movie, but be glam.

Be Glam ladies...go nude.

Sweater, $35 // Bralette, $142 // Brooklyn Thread Earrings, $32 // Loren Hope Necklace, $140 // Dara Ettinger Ring, $77 // J. Crew Leopard Bracelet, $58 // Love Bracelet, $22 // Gap Pajama Shorts, $20 // Cashmere Shawl

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the Rocks

I want to serve this:

And look good doing it....
Baubles that caught our eye...

Bars that caught our little eye...

We're wondering if the gold cart is just a little phase and if a wooden bar would be more worth the investment. What do you think?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweating Like A Sinner. No Way!

Today, we're blogging over at our friend Allie's blog, Sundresses and Smiles!  We've been following this fun teacher for some time and were so happy to be able to share our style with her readers!
Church More

We're sharing our resolution of which we had quite a few this New Years (including drinking 8 glasses a day + nail biting) but our big one was attending church more regularly.  

Which we managed to do this Sunday!  The priest asked us to pray for the Irish tonight--we had to tell him Roll Tide leaving mass. 

Anyone still keeping any of their resolutions?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Roll Tide Roll

Roll Tide Roll

Vestique Dress, $40 // Kodak Camera, $15 // Smathers & Branson Alabama Key Fob, $25 Elephant Earrings, $10// Durango Cowboy Boots, $115 // Danielle Crossbody Purse, $68 
Gold Link Bracelet, $58 // Tortoise Cuff, $22 // Monogrammed Leather Flask, $58

For any of you lucky enough to find yourself in Miami, we are completely jealous.  But for all you who will be cheering for the Tide on Monday night, hope this can be a bit of inspiration for wherever you find yourself tailgating.

Vestique is a new brand actually sweeping North and South Carolina. I actually visited the Vestique store in Greenville today and it was completely amazing. 20% this weekend with great sweaters and sequined skirts. I picked up the dress ($40) in blue, just long enough for work when paired with leggings and boots. And this black sweater with leather details on the elbow.

The Durango boots are also amazing. I've had mine since Freshman year at South Carolina. The flask and Kodak speak to themselves, can't have one without the other, and the lovely Design Darling provides the arm candy. 

So keep the southern hospitality alive wherever you may be cheering on the Tide, and stay stylish while doing it! And if you're not a Bama fan already, after this commercial there is no way you won't want to bleed Crimson...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mint to Be

Mint sweaters were all the rage last season...but we are loving the wave of mint accessories we are seeing lately...
Mint to Be

What color are you loving this month for an extra pop?

Monday, December 31, 2012

Going for Gold

Jacket: Itro Blazer{Can't find it online, but these lovely ladies carry it} //Jeans: J. Brand //Purse: Francescas {similar} //Watch: La Mer for Target//Bracelet: J.Crew //Ring: Hallelu //Booties: Urban Outfitters {similar here}

Running Errands, returning Christmas gifts, scrounging for stamps(they are so hard to find), and carelessly trying products in Ulta, nothing like jeans and a white shirt to build your base.  I've often said if I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life it would be a white V-neck tee, skinny dark denim and some amazing heels.

What would your Mayan 2012 outfit be?